Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The View from Above

While waiting to see one of my docs at Charles River Plaza yesterday, who should come by but the Rolling Redsox Rally! Here are a few views from the 9th floor:
Not much detail, but you can sense some of the scope. Pretty cool.
Some of you who were there might even know which of the Sox were on this second one, but I only got the big picture, so to speak. So I call this photo "The Orange One."

BTW, riding my bike to the T at Alewife was definitely the way to go. The T garage was overfull, many roads were blocked off--even the T itself was so jammed that they let us on the trains for free because of the massive pileup at the Charlie Ticket machines. Nice gesture or just expediency? Does it even matter?

All around, a beautiful day for a parade.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Lot of Love for the Glove

In today's local paper, there's an amusing article about how Yankees' fans (i.e., New Yorkers) have no love for the Sox or Boston. Read it--you'll chuckle.

But what made me chuckle the most was the byline:

By Matt Viser, Glove Staff | October 30, 2007

So now it's the Boston Glove? Coooool! It's time someone recognized that fielding can be just as important as batting and pitching.

(Check it out before someone corrects it--you can fix your mistakes fast on the Web. Thank God.)

UPDATED: As suspected, they changed "Glove" to "Globe." Too bad in a way.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Rolling Rally Rolls Right Over My Plans

So...I lined up two doctors' appointments back-to-back tomorrow at Mass General. Since I have to hike in from the 'burbs (time off work, traffic, etc), I try to be efficient. And then the mayor goes and announces that the Red Sox rolling rally will be tomorrow, exactly when I'm supposed to be on Cambridge St.

The mind mulls: Postpone the appointments? (It's not that easy to line up the schedule of two different offices.) Drive in and risk being barred from entering the streets I need to use? (Though they can't shut down the road in front of a big hospital, can they? Huh, huh?) Take the T down? (But by the time I need to leave for the T, parking will probably be long gone.)

I'm leaning toward biking to the T, like my hubby. You can always find a chainable location (unlike a car parking spot) and mash yourself onto a T car. It will take longer to ride to Alewife than drive, but will probably be better than trying to fight the traffic in the city itself. And if I get sweaty, I can bring an extra shirt to change into before my appointments.

Maybe I'll even get to see part of the rally between appointments (there's a little break in the middle). After all, it's Sox! In Duck Boats! What more could you want!

Hmmm...ride or cancel? I'm thinking those are my two best options right now. They posted the route on, and it doesn't look promising for my usual drive in to MGH.

What to do, what to do?

Map courtesy of

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Can I Get a Woo? Can I Get a Hoo? Can I Get a Nap?

Let's face it--you almost felt sorry for the Rockies, didn't you? But not sorry enough to dampen the joy of the series season. Victory is even sweeter the second time around.

A few last thoughts:

  • Someone get Francona on a long-term, fair-compensation contract, please! In fact, announcing it this week would be sweet.

  • Ditto, Mike Lowell.

  • How about my secret boyfriend, Jacoby Ellsbury, huh? What a player!

  • Who thought it was a good idea to build Coors Field like that, anyway?

  • How dare that Fox idiot Tim McCarver (sorry--no link for you!!) compare Dustin Pedroia's confidence and natural ebullience to Terrell Owens, a world-class jerk?

  • Speaking of which--I noticed that when it was clear that the Sox were going to win in the 8th inning, McCarver's co-announcer Joe Buck did all the talking (saying nice things about Boston and the Sox) while McCarver remained noticeably silent. But even McCarver couldn't spoil this for me.

  • A nap does sound nice about now, but work beckons.

  • Shall we meet next year, same time? Sounds like fun to me.

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    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Since You Asked...

    I've had at least two people ask me, "So, will you be rooting for BC or Virginia Tech in tonight's game?"

    This one is a no-brainer for me: I may love my life as a new-ish New Englander (6 years now) and I may love the Sox and the Pats, but people, it's simple. You never, never diss the beloved alma mater.

    On the other hand, wouldn't a game between actual eagles and gobblers be cool? The feathers would fly!!

    Hokie, Hokie, Hokie Hi!!

    Oh...and GO SOX!!

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    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Too Freakin' Busy to Blog

    Between work (my boss quit!), school volunteering (more than I probably should have said yes to), home (will the clutter never cease?), trying to make some time for exercise (biking while the iron is hot!), and the Sox, the Sox, the Sox, it's just been too much. I haven't even been reading other people's blogs, much less writing my own.

    But I'll be back--at least if you want me. :-)

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