Monday, October 29, 2007

Can I Get a Woo? Can I Get a Hoo? Can I Get a Nap?

Let's face it--you almost felt sorry for the Rockies, didn't you? But not sorry enough to dampen the joy of the series season. Victory is even sweeter the second time around.

A few last thoughts:

  • Someone get Francona on a long-term, fair-compensation contract, please! In fact, announcing it this week would be sweet.

  • Ditto, Mike Lowell.

  • How about my secret boyfriend, Jacoby Ellsbury, huh? What a player!

  • Who thought it was a good idea to build Coors Field like that, anyway?

  • How dare that Fox idiot Tim McCarver (sorry--no link for you!!) compare Dustin Pedroia's confidence and natural ebullience to Terrell Owens, a world-class jerk?

  • Speaking of which--I noticed that when it was clear that the Sox were going to win in the 8th inning, McCarver's co-announcer Joe Buck did all the talking (saying nice things about Boston and the Sox) while McCarver remained noticeably silent. But even McCarver couldn't spoil this for me.

  • A nap does sound nice about now, but work beckons.

  • Shall we meet next year, same time? Sounds like fun to me.

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