Friday, August 17, 2007

%^&*#$@^ Yankees!

Okay, okay, I promised I'd write something about my vacation, but first this from The Onion (PROFANITY WARNING!)
BOSTON—Moments after the New York Yankees continued a month-long stretch that has seen them climb from the bottom of the AL East to pull within a once unfathomable four games of the first-place Red Sox by defeating the Baltimore Orioles Monday night, stunned and enraged baseball fans across America took a moment to shake their heads in disbelief and curse dejectedly at the relentless inevitability of Yankee glory.

"Fucking Yankees," said Marshfield, MA resident and longtime Red Sox fan Lawrence Broberg, echoing the sentiments of thousands of men and woman across the nation. "Every year. Every goddamn year."
You must read the whole thing to get the full effect.

Let's just hope that for once, The Onion is wrong. But those guys are usually right. (Let's not forget the famous Voice of God Revealed to Be Cheney on Intercom--they were so on the mark with that one....)

Many thanks to Russ for the link.

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