Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And While You're Voting...

it would be more than excellent if you voted for Barack Obama.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Alison,

A first year senator?

If anyone is reading this, just reflect with me for a minute; please.

During the Clinton administration, things were pretty good. There was a man propelled into the white house on the electioneering of his wife, and the pull, (yes and push) she portrayed. Now there is a backlash not against a “not for America candidate (my way)”; but the wife of a former playboy.

That long suffering, but ambitious woman knew she could and would put him in the white house and she like so many earlier versions of herself could make it work. Just as Abigail Adams did, Just as Eleanor Roosevelt did, and just as Jacqueline Kennedy did.

If there is any doubt what went on in the white house just before all those critical meetings took place, and after the mighty playboys and camera fodder in these United States had their private parties; LISTEN UP!

The wives of these most important men had been talking sense long before such meetings took place, were reading a book or out to a function for their husbands, while the husbands played host to whomever. Then sensibly whispered into the commanding officer's willing ear on his way into meetings, "remember what we talked about, please."

Yet the popular vote is swayed by the press, and the candidate with the prettiest rhetoric. So is the electoral college, a bunch of academics, who have as much a hold on reality as the Congress itself, with their grand parties, and hoopla, while the country sweats to live and make a buck so that our politicians can give it away magnanimously.

So what if the majority of American dollars go to autos from Japan, or Korea, don't they build factories in America? So what if fully 25% of Americans now speak Spanish? Don't they work at jobs others wouldn't take?

I say SO THIS!

It does matter. Why can't Americans build plants so that Americans can work there. Because America taxes & taxes our corporate builders until they can not compete.
Unlike Japan and Korea and many other countries do. Instead of giving to the poor anywhere in the world, they KEEP their hard earned dollars, create an equable climate for their corporations, and keep harmony between the government and these moneymakers.

They do not have to give billions to everyone in the world to buy friends. They just make sure that every one in the world buys a Toyota, Hyundai or similar off shore auto, so that they can stay number one. Also so that Ford Motor Company can advertise: ranked "As well made as a Toyota" by J.D.Power.

The press and the ranking companies have therefore more power than the POPULATION of this country. LOOK! We have a candidate that has rhetoric!! No experience, but listen to him speak!!!

He will be our next president!! Because we say so.
I say NO!

Put your vote on the candidate with the better legislative record in the Senate.
Put your vote where it will count for America. Vote America on the way back to Americans!

Do not be swayed by the press, the pundits, who without politics and politicians would not even be in the public eye at this time. Don't jump on the bandwagon of a freshman senator who has pretty good ways of saying that “I am the man”.

Support the woman who has been advising presidents through carefully thought out legislation and understands the working of government, having conviction to do what she must; to make sure every American will be better off when the next presidential election comes around.

Albert B. Hale

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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