Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The View from Above

While waiting to see one of my docs at Charles River Plaza yesterday, who should come by but the Rolling Redsox Rally! Here are a few views from the 9th floor:
Not much detail, but you can sense some of the scope. Pretty cool.
Some of you who were there might even know which of the Sox were on this second one, but I only got the big picture, so to speak. So I call this photo "The Orange One."

BTW, riding my bike to the T at Alewife was definitely the way to go. The T garage was overfull, many roads were blocked off--even the T itself was so jammed that they let us on the trains for free because of the massive pileup at the Charlie Ticket machines. Nice gesture or just expediency? Does it even matter?

All around, a beautiful day for a parade.

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