Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So Much Going On--So Little Time to Write

Once again, so busy. And so much stuff going on to write about! For instance, before the New Hampshire primaries, we went up to see the candidates speak: Obama, Clinton, and Richardson. Democracy in action, yo! Hope you all took the opportunity to hear one of our future leaders (well, not Richardson, we all know that now) speak in person.

We were even there in Nashua when Bill O'Reilly (AKA The Worst Person in the WORLD) tried to sandbag Obama but got turned back by security. Hope you were there too.

AND I met Diane Sawyer at the Red Arrow Diner (perhaps America's finest 24/7 diner, but I haven't surveyed them all personally). What a gracious, gracious woman. For those of you who are her fans--your allegiance is well-placed indeed.

And since then--more political news: Attempted voter suppression in Nevada! Sniping at the debates! Mitt the Mutt actually wins several delegates!

And skiing! And the Pats--oh, yes, the Pats. Sports excellence at its best, yo!

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