Friday, March 14, 2008

Come Home, John Adams, We Miss You!

I'm really looking forward to HBO's John Adams, which starts Sunday night. It's getting rave reviews, stars wonderful actors (Laura Linney as Abigail!), and shines a light on a man whose PR was never as good as Jefferson's.

Too bad it was shot in Virginia (my home state, yes, but not my adopted home and certainly not Adams'). I've whined about this before, but what with the premiere coming up, it seemed like a good idea to do it again. Fortunately, things are looking up for our commonwealth, what with all the movies now being shot in Massachusetts because of incentives like this (and those plans for a film and television complex in Weymouth). Maybe all this means we'll be the location for Tall Tom Jefferson: Well, I Declare! That would be fair, as in "turnabout's fair play."

(Oh--and don't bother looking for that show on made it up. Just daydreamin'.)

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why I Love Keith Olbermann

Because when he's mad, he's just better than any other commentator out there. Even if you're a Clinton supporter, this Ferraro situation has been maddening, and no one sums up the whole frustrating, wrongheaded mishegoss like Keith.

Take 10 minutes to watch the whole thing, then appreciate his "good night and good luck" sign-off. Edward R. Murrow would be proud of you Keith. I know I am.

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