Sunday, March 12, 2006

Slush Puppies

We hit Pat's Peak yesterday for what may or may not have been the last ski trip of the season, depending on this week's weather. I now understand what New Englanders mean when they say "spring skiing." There's slush, a little snow, bare trails under the lifts, and more slush. But it beats skiing on ice, and it was warm and sunny. I had to keep removing my too-hot gloves to cool off, though I had fortunately left my parka in the car and wore a lighter jacket.

The areas receiving the most traffic--around the rental store, cafeteria, ski racks, and so on--were more then slushy. They were barely frozen at all. Melting snow formed ad hoc mini-creeks as the water found its way downhill. On the way back from the lift to the lodge, I actually skied right through a large puddle of the wet stuff. Water skiing--hah!

(Got a nice deal on a microfleece vest from the ski shop, too.)


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