Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ribs, Just Ribs

One thing I really miss about Texas (there aren't that many, but some) is the barbecue. I've written about this before; probably will again.

Tonight, we decided to take an inaugural spin in our new (by which I mean used, but new to us) Chevy Astro Van--the only mini-van that can tow a travel trailer! And it has all-wheel drive!--by heading out to Revere to Uncle Pete's Hickory BBQ. When we hit Uncle Pete's Hickory Ribs, we're all about the Texas Beef Ribs. (Yes, they're so good they deserve initial caps.) Once again, Pete's didn't disappoint. Huge, meaty, and flavorful, these are the real deal. Normally, I like pork ribs, but when there are beef ribs on the menu (hard to find in New England, to say the least), I'm all over them. Or should I say, they're all over me. Probably why Pete keeps a roll of paper towels on each table.

That's not to say there's nothing else worth eating (Pete's has quite a large menu for a bbq place, actually). When it comes to meat, my son loves the pulled chicken. And I happen to know the pork ribs are quite tasty. For sides, try the "Buffalo wings"--in quotes because these aren't the ones outta Buffalo; they're actually better, with a tangy sweet-and-spicy sauce that's tough to beat. Also, the salad dressing on the side salad is amazing, as is the Asian slaw. (Pete's wife is from Thailand, hence the Asian influence.) The sides constitute what's arguably most "inauthentic" about the place--in REAL Texas bbq joints, the sides are almost inedible. I mean, really, do you like tasteless "ranch-style" beans? Thankfully, Pete doesn't either, though he makes good Boston baked beans.

A friend introduced us to Pete's a couple of years back when the restaurant was still in Eastie. He moved out to Revere when rent got too high, and if anything, the food is better now. (You know I must love the place because I hate driving down Route 1--then to Rt. 60--to get there. Do they give people aggressiveness pills before they can get on 1, because, jeez, people--get a grip. Let a person merge.) But it's worth it, for the food and friendly service. If you're lucky, you'll even get Pete himself (ever-present in the dining room) to explain the difference between real barbecuing (cooking food over indirect heat) and grilling (direct heat), and why beef ribs are different from pork, so maybe you should order the two-meat platter and try them both.

You can tell this is a man who loves his job. I'm just glad he's a man who loves his barbecue. And has no truck with ranch-style beans.


Blogger Donna said...

Just thought I'd stop by to give you the link to my new blog -

(used to be Illegally Blonde over at Journalspace....)

1:36 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

NO! You haven't tried Red Bones in Somerville yet then. Davis Square. The BEST ever.... ;)

6:00 PM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

You know, the one time I went to Red Bones was on a weekend at lunchtime. (This was about 3 years ago.) They told us that they couldn't fix us anything fresh--all they had were last night's leftovers. Now, I understand that barbeque itself takes a long time to cook, so "last night's food" doesn't meen the same as with other food. But we wanted something that wasn't barbeque--for my son, I think--maybe a burger or whatever. And they said, "No, sorry--it has to be something already cooked. We won't be cooking new stuff until the dinner service." Meaning, I guess, barbeque or nothing, which is what we ate.

I have no clue if that was a fluke, or the cook was sick, or whatever, but in any case, we were so unimpressed with that lunch we never went back. But others tell me it's great so I guess we'll have to try it again. Sometime. Maybe. If you recommend it Rebecca, I guess I'll have to relent. :-)

5:32 AM  

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