Monday, February 13, 2006

Who Needs Torino When We Have Plenty of Snow Right Here?

We have taken the gold in our own little Olympic event--the 200 sq. ft. Driveway Clear.

It helps to have upgraded the equipment. Don't ask me why we thought it was so--I don't know--noble to shovel the snow by hand (and back, legs, and arms) when we moved here. I'm never going to be sorry that we bought the little electric snowblower. Yesterday, we did most of the driveway in about 45 minutes (which did include some time with the manual shovel, doing the steps up to the house).

This is notable also because, in the past, not only would the shoveling have taken considerably more time, we would have done considerably less. Let's face it--when you're using the shovel, it's tempting to move just enough snow to get the cars out and no more. With the snowblower, we just kept going until nearly the entire driveway was done.

Medal total: 1 gold. S-F-N-E! S-F-N-E!


Blogger Rebecca said...

Happy Valentine's Day Alison! ;)

I enjoyed the snow as well - but was glad that the storm happened on Sunday, as opposed to Monday. :) Made for a pretty and cozy weekend!

8:39 AM  

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