Sunday, February 12, 2006

Funny--It Looked Open to Me

Earlier this morning, while watching several minutes of the inane television news shows about the snowstorm ("We're going out now to Bob Smith in Natick...Well, Bob, tell us what's happening?" "Thanks, Marsha. Yes, I'm standing here on Speen St. and the snow is coming down. It's really blowing, too. Yup, it's snowy." ad nauseum), I noticed the scroll across the bottom with all the church and recreational closings. It just said:


Not the schools (too early for that) or recreational activities (though they were cancelled). Nope--apparently the whole town.

Yet, when Jim and I went for a drive and breakfast (yes, Josephs Two was open), all the usual suspects on Mass. Ave in Lexington seemed open (for a Sunday morning). CVS. Peet's Coffee. Starbucks.

Huh. Guess someone called that one wrong.


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