Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Three Sisters, Two Tickets

My mom is the world's biggest fan of Anton Chekhov. If he were alive, I venture to say she'd be a groupie, though she's never been a groupie for anyone, so I'm not sure why I would venture to say that.

My folks and brother are visiting from their respective home states this week. Mom read in the Sunday Globe about the new production of Three Sisters at the American Repertory Theatre. She loves the play (one of her top three of all time, and that's saying a lot) and thought the show sounded wonderful, but was sure there couldn't possibly be any tickets.

Naturally, being a "let's check the Web" sort of gal, I took the chance that seats might be available. Lo and behold, good seats were still available for Sunday's performance at 2 p.m. I whipped out the good ol' Visa and bought two seats, center section, on the aisle. Mom's very excited, and I'm excited that Mom's excited. We'll see you Sunday, Anton!


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