Thursday, November 17, 2005

For God's Sake, Take Him at His Word

According to, Johnny Damon (known around my house as "My Johnny") says he'd like to finish out his major league career in Boston. But if that's going to happen, the front office needs to make its move--and fast.
Damon would very much like to remain in Boston for the remainder of his career, and if that's going to happen, the dynamic leadoff man says time is of the essence.

"You know, what would help me out is if they come to me sooner than later," Damon said by phone Tuesday night. "Once I know what other teams are offering ... I still haven't had an offer from Boston. I know that there were reports that they offered me a contract, but that's not true. I've been hoping for a contract since last offseason and back in Spring Training, but hopefully they can beat everyone to the punch. I know they have a lot going on. And I know, pretty soon, I have to start listening to other teams."
Come on John Henry, Larry, whomever--get off the stick and make the man an offer. You worked it out for Jason Varitek. Now give Johnny his due. And fast.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Rumor has it that Borash is talking to Cashman at the Yankees. I'm thinking it's a media ploy to get the Sox rolling. But I also think its an offer that should be made with a GM. I'm thankful "my boy Jason" is all set; I just wish my second favorite, "The Diva" Ramirez would just hushup and forget about being traded!

3:34 PM  

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