Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And a Shout-Out to My Home State

Virginia, you've disappointed me in the last several years with your turn to the right. But yesterday, you did me proud, with the election of Democrat Tim Kaine as the governor. From Reuters:
The outcome in conservative, Republican-leaning Virginia was a particularly bad blow for Bush, who stopped there on election eve for a get-out-the-vote rally with Kilgore. Bush's mounting political problems and Kilgore's poor showing could make Republicans hesitant to call on him for help next year.

The heated Virginia race featured a series of Kilgore television ads attacking Kaine as too liberal for the Southern state on social issues such as the death penalty, abortion and immigration.

But the harsh tone of the ads seemed to sour voters on Kilgore. Kaine allied himself with popular Democratic Gov. Mark Warner, a potential 2008 presidential candidate who is barred by law from seeking a second term, and argued he was the logical choice to move Virginia ahead.

"The people of Virginia have sent a message loud and clear that they like the path we chose and they want to keep Virginia moving forward," Kaine, with Warner at his side, told cheering supporters in Richmond.

Now, maybe I can go home again. Just for a visit of course. Wouldn't want to miss skiing season. And keep an eye on Warner--wouldn't be surprised to see him on the ticket for the 2008 presidential race.


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