Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pink and Green--Definitely Not Blue

I had lunch today with a fellow Boston Globe "Sidekick" blogger, Pink and Green Girl. (Yes, she told me her full name--LOL!) Although I'd been reading her for awhile, when I found out we'd both been asked by the Globe to be Sidekicks, I suggested coffee or lunch. Lunch it was.

We'd never met, so she thoughtfully wore a pink sweater and carried a green purse. Even with the lunchtime crowd at my local Chili's, she was easy to spot. As anyone who's familiar with her blog knows, she's several months' pregnant and writing about her pre-mom experience with charm. She's just as charming in person--funny, lively, clearly crazy about her husband and the baby-to-be. We talked a lot about parenting, schools (she'a teacher/administrator, currently taking time off to ditch a monstrous commute and enjoy the impending baby), politics, our parents, and even a little about blogging. We both seemed thrilled that people bothered to read us (given the, what? eight million blogs out there).

This was a first for me--meeting up with a fellow blogger (not counting Halley, of course, whom everyone knows and was the first person to encourage me to take to the Web). If they're all such pleasant encounters, this could become a habit. Thanks again, Baby Mom!


Blogger Rebecca said...

Nice! Good for you... :)
I love reading Ms. Pink and Green's blog; we tried to get together once, but she wasn't feeling well. Maybe another time...

And - by the way, I attempted to take my kids to the waffle house on Saturday - but.... we ended up at IHOP. We're going to attempt it again this weekend! :) Thanks for the tip...

3:37 PM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

That's happened to us, too! Fortunately, the IHOP is practically across the street. And IHOP does have those yummy Swedish Pancakes, which puts the "international" into the IHOP name (along with the German and French Pancakes, all of which are really crepes and not technically pancakes). Mmmm--lingonberries...

1:23 PM  

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