Thursday, May 04, 2006

Okay--You Love Data. But Who ARE You?

A small plane carrying one of those tow-along banners was flying above the western suburbs this morning (near Lexington, Bedford, Burlington, Waltham, etc.). I could clearly read "We HEART Data." By squinting and swerving my head (not the safest thing to do on Rt. 3, admittedly), I could just make out the words, "Watch Out EMC!"

I think it's an ad for Sun--there's a logo on the left side of the banner with a resemblance to Sun's, and they like to say "We Love Data" on their website--but these middle-aged eyes couldn't make it out without having to gawk one too many times while driving.

My advice to anyone using aerial advertising: Try a longer banner with bigger print. I'm still not sure who you are, and I risked my safety (and that of other drivers) trying to figure it out. Surely your ad budget can afford three more feet of banner?

On the plus side, at least it wasn't one of those horrible anti-gay marriage banners. You can read those a little too clearly.


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