Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How Did I Miss Out on This?

My mom took me to college--six long hours from home in the hills of Virginia (Hokie! Hokie! Hokie! Hi!)--with all love and good wishes, but somehow I don't think it occurred to her to avail me of services like these, as reported in today's Globe:
To ''ease the transition between home and campus life," the Ritz-Carlton Hotels of Boston have launched a service that will help families book chauffeured sedans, deliver fresh-baked cookies prepared by hotel chefs to dorm rooms, and do students' laundry.

''Campus Concierge" services are available to guests of the Ritz, where a deluxe room or executive suite is $599 a night. The hotels will arrange campus tours, help with moving into dorms, and let parents custom-design gift baskets to deliver to students.
Should I feel disappointed? Should I call my otherwise fabulous mom and say that I now have "issues" with the fact that I had to do my own laundry in the dorm and actually--lord help us--walk around campus? And where are my freshly baked Ritz cookies, huh? Huh?


Blogger Tish G. said...

lol! that was what the beginning of every semester at Smith looked like! loads of limos pulling up, parents staying at the Hotel Northampton (not necessarily the Ritz, but Northampton ain't Boston either)'s utterly amazing, isn't it??

1:15 PM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

Not exactly a state school in Virginia, I can tell you! However, when I went to grad school at the University of Texas, I lived in the only private apartment building on Fraternity Row. You could have started a luxury car dealership with all the BMWs, Mercedes, Corvettes, etc. (This being the '80s, no Lexuses yet.) Ironically, because grad students are traditionally poor, the fact that I drove a two-year-old Dodge Aries always elicited UNironic comments of "nice car!" from my fellow poverty-stricken students.

5:46 AM  

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