Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pizza Pie in the Sky

My husband is very excited. I'm very excited. They finally opened the Upper Crust Pizzeria in Lexington. (It's so new that the Upper Crust management hasn't even updated its location list on the website. The Lexington store is on Waltham Street near the Lexington Town Center, in case you're interested.)

We wondered if anyone would notice the opening, which was delayed a week by the big boom and ensuing gas-main tearup in town. NOTICE? HA! Jim stopped by on Sunday evening, hoping to grab a slice to eat on his walk home from the Center. The wait for food was 90 minutes and growing, so Jim told the harried counterman that he was glad to have them in town and said he'd try again another day.

Monday, before my folks, brother, and I left for the airport for the post-Thanksgiving return home, I suggested we order pizza. It was 2:30 p.m. on a Monday, and the guy on the phone said that business had just quieted down, so they'd be happy to deliver a pizza. "Just quieted down" on a weekday in mid-afternoon!

The two pizzas arrived hot, tasty, and big. I never realized an Upper Crust large was quite so ... large. Plenty of leftovers in a box that barely fit on the bottom shelf of the fridge. As anyone who knows me knows, I have a somewhat complicated relationship with pizza. So when I like the pizza, it's usually pretty good. (At least I think so.)

Although we have other good pizza in town (Alexander's and Lexington House of Pizza spring to mind), I must confess I like Upper Crust better. (Although I really like the steak tips at Alexander's and the house special sub at Lex House...) I also like the fact that it's a local company, based out of Brookline, not some big national chain.

More choices, more prosciutto--all these things are good.


Blogger Rebecca said...

YUM! The Upper Crust on Charles Street is down the street from my store.... Aside from Pizzeria Regina - they are by far my favorite pizza!!!! Love, love, love the Upper Crust! :)

4:18 PM  
Blogger Illegally Blonde said...

I adore pizza - I really think I could live on it. In fact, there were times I did...

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tried a clam pizza there, crust too thin, too much garlic and not enough clams. You'd be way better off at Nicola's in north Arlington. On the East side of Mass Av, just south of the Heights, near Dunkin D.

Family-run place, very good in general.

(The thin crust thing is a transient fad.)

5:21 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

I got some pizza from the one in Lexington last night. It was very good! I'm glad The Upper Crust has a location in Lexington now, as even though I like some of the other pizza places in Lexington and Arlington, none of them really stand out for me. They should do well in that location!


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7:40 AM  

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