Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We're Fine, Thanks

We got back from the Florida Keys almost two weeks ago. We were delayed by one day, thanks to the beginnings of Hurricane Katrina. Because my husband spent several years studying violent weather (mostly tornadoes, but also hurricanes) with the Texas Tech Wind Research Center, we even drove from Marathon down to Key West during the storm just to see what a Category 1 hurricane looked like.

It looked wet, dark, and windy, but only a little scary, although we didn't hang around to investigate the flooded streets of KW. Once we got there, we turned around and drove back. But there was no evacuation order and--as we realized a few days later--only a little disruption of routine tourist life.

By the time we left for Miami and our flight to Logan, one day late, the skies of Florida were sunny, and the storm had moved out to the Gulf of Mexico. We thought we'd have a few amusing stories to tell our friends.

So much for amusing stories. I'm just sick about this whole mess and couldn't find the words to express it. Fortunately, others are doing an excellent job. And most of us--unlike the directors of FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security--do read the papers, watch CNN, and track blogs.


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