Thursday, August 18, 2005

Simple Friendship

We're heading off to Florida tomorrow, but before we went anywhere, we had to squeeze in one last playdate between my son and his best friend. Said friend had been away for the last two weeks, and tonight was the only time between vacations when the boys could see each other.

Apparently The Boy's friend had been asking his parents for the last four days (while they were still mid-journey) for a playdate. "Call them, Mom." "Call them, Dad." We hooked up via email this afternoon, parents already back at work, and made arrangements for tonight.

The Boy had been blue since leaving his last day of camp (he loves his camp). The news of tonight's meet-up wiped away all traces of sadness. When his friend showed up at our door, their sheer delight in seeing each other was a joy to behold. Videogames and rice pudding, the hours flew by.

I love my friends, and I love to see them, talk to them, IM them, email them, connect with them. But there is something about the bonding between 10 year olds that takes my breath away. Maybe because I was a 10 year old once, and I remember that intensity. And I wonder, did my mother feel the same way watching me with my friends?

"Call them, Mom. Please?"


Anonymous Pepperbro said...

Hey, at least you had friends at age 10!
But seriously, it doesn't have to change when you get older (as long as you don't also get "more mature" which many of us seem to have escaped, intentionally or otherwise). Just that it's now "videogames, rice pudding and beer". (Not simultaneously however, that's just gross!)

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Mr. Liberty said...

I think the way you handle that is wonderful!Having no idea how to handle children, I think I must make as close a guess as possible how parents do the right thing.

We've all grown since we blew through the 60's. If my Mom had suggested a play date with one of my friends, I would have assumed she had given up on me. "A play date Mom? The guys will think I'm a sissy. Can't you ask Mrs. Friedman if Bruce can come over for Nazi killing?"

I think it's good that boys don't have to pretend to hate each other in order to be good friends, these days. More civilized.


3:08 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

There are few things more beautiful or innocent as seeing the interaction between children. I have a 4 yr old, and a 1 yr old - and seeing other children react to them when we're at the store, or someplace that children aren't allowed to "run free" is amazing. Interaction at a playground isn't the same as interaction at a location that isn't geared to children. Just yesterday I was shopping with my 1 yr. old, when a 3 yr old girl was behind us w. her mom. She came right up to me, said hi, and proceeded to stand on my carriage to reach my daughter. She managed, and she gently touched my daughters' face and hair; my daughter in turn touched the girls face. It was so innocent and sweet. I laughed and said to my aunt at the time "don't you sometimes wish you could go back to the days of when you could just say hi to anyone without fear of being looked at oddly? Or to go up to a girl that you think is pretty and touch her face and say hi, will you be my friend?" To grow older and cynical is such a sin....

3:35 PM  

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