Friday, August 12, 2005

Can Two Conservatives and a Liberal Share an Apartment Without Driving Each Other Crazy?

Remember the wonderful show, The Odd Couple? The understandably anonymous author of Republimates goes Neil Simon one better: he's a liberal guy living with two Republican gals.

He hasn't posted much, but what there is, as Spencer Tracy once said about Katherine Hepburn--in Pat and Mike, for you sticklers--is cherce. For example, this post about moving day.
I arrived the day before move-in day to roll up the sleeves and get in some good cleaning time at the new-to-me apartment. There had been a long string of people overlapping their stints in the beautiful victorian house, so the kitchen and bath needed some serious lovin'. I jumped right into the kitchen (domain of the technologically advanced man) and went to work. Emptied out the fridge, threw out anything even remotely suspicious ("A carrot you can tie a clove hitch in is not fresh"), and gave it a good scrub. Voila!

Just as I was to turn around and attack the rangetop in all of its corroded glory, new roommate number two walks in, eager to help. Her grand entrance is made ever more fabulous (a word I know is politically charged) by her sporting of the "FRANCE SUCKS" t-shirt. It's one of those cheap $3.99 or 3-for-$10 50-50 blend tee's, and features a nice little beret draped over the "F."

Doesn't she know that creme brulee was invented in France? Her girth tells me she knows all about it.
As far as I know, the roommates are unaware of the blog. May it ever be thus.


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