Thursday, July 21, 2005

Because Being a Teenager Is Just Too Darn Easy

The Washington Post TechNews reports today about a new "test" that should make being a teen more fun than ever. (With a son on the cusp of tweendom, such things concern me.)
If all of life is like high school, at last we have the answer to the question that goes to the core of our id-driven, zit-popping, green-eyed insecurity:

Are you more popular, at this very second, than the person who's instant-messaging you?
You, too, can now compare your popularity amongst the only group of people who matter--folks on your IM buddy list. (Remember that your score can fluctuate depending on who is online at the time you "fight.")

Sadly, I did this a few times and it's fun. Fun, fun, fun. Durn!


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