Friday, July 15, 2005

The Perfect New England Pet!

Just got back from seeing March of the Penguins. Charming movie with compelling stars. Get these guys and gals some agents! (And some herring.)

Naturally, on the way home my family and I decided to get a penguin for a pet, so where are you going to turn but Penguin Warehouse? The good people at Penguin Warehouse have a really informative Q&A section on all things penguin, including care, feeding, and fish. I was really excited about bringing home little Tuxie or Slippy after reading this:

Q: Can I train my penguin?

A: Of course! Train them well and teach them all the good tricks and amazing mind powers. Someday one of those smart penguins (maybe yours) will become a Jedi penguin, an elite status of wealth, power and strength in the penguin empire.
I mean, who wouldn't want a pet like that? And with the weather around here, we could keep it outdoors for months at a time!


Blogger Mr. Liberty said...

Gee, having a Penquin would be Kool.

But what would Burgess Meredeth say? Not to say, Danny Devito!


1:05 PM  

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