Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A True Gem

I discovered Sapphire's blog, Aspiration, when she commented on one of my earlier posts. Her posts are long, complex, and honest. Take the time to read some or all of them. Her latest post, "If nothing works -- then do nothing!" is a remembrance tinged with both sadness and hope about a special friendship.

She's also British, like Illegally Blonde. This makes me think of two things: The web is a powerful communications medium that breaks geographical barriers in ways I don't think we've even begun to understand. And, considering that I live in Lexington, Mass., it looks like all is forgiven. (In fact, notice that she uses the same Blogger "lighthouse" template that I do. Mine to represent the coast of New England. Hers, to represent--well, whatever she wants. I'll let her tell us herself.)


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