Friday, July 29, 2005

Anyone Can Learn to Drive Like a Bostonian!

Caught dinner tonight in Arlington at Viet's Cafe, a place my whole family loves. (And I mean whole family. My parents always expect at least one trip there on their semi-annual sojourns from the south.) Don't miss the Vietnamese Pizza appetizer (more like a stuffed omelet, actually) or just about any of the soups. Topped it off with a visit to J.P. Lick's for mango sorbet.

What made the evening particularly memorable, however, was the jerk who parked his or her Subaru Forester a full 18 inches into the only space available on the street. Fortunately, I drive a small car (also a Subaru, but an Outback), and had learned--back in the day--the magical art of parallel parking on the streets of Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia (a neighborhood with many narrow streets, somewhat like Back Bay). What made it particularly galling was that Mr. or Ms. Forester had the last spot on the row, meaning that there was plenty of space to maneuver into place.

I just had to check the license plate, of course, and realized that this car belonged to that most fearful of drivers: the "I'm not from around here but I'll just jump right in and trump your bad driving habits with some of my own."

In other words: Illinois plates, Tufts Medical School stickers. Welcome to New England!


Blogger s4essene said...

Hi Alison, I got to say I prefer Goodfellas to Dances anyday, too! Keep up the good work and I really enjoyed reading your posts and felt obliged to let you know I was, too!

Take Care


aka s4essene

4:27 PM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

Hi, Mark! Besides making me blush and showing off your impeccable taste in U.S. bloggers :=), how could I not love someone who loves GoodFellas, The Sixth Sense, ABC, and the Bare Naked Ladies?

I'm bookmarking your site and starting to read! Hurry back!

5:58 PM  

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