Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Barry and Elliott, Superstars

Did you know that when you buy furniture from Jordan's, the delivery confirmation call comes from Barry?

"Hi, this is Barry from Jordan's Furniture. I'm calling to confirm the delivery of your furniture on ..."

Yes, I know it's a recording with computer-inserted delivery times. Yes, I know it probably took him less than five minutes to record (including retakes). But what a stroke of marketing genius! Instead of having some anonymous computerized voiceover message, you get one of the faces/voices of Jordan's. It's one of the most effective types of that much-vaunted "relationship building" marketing I've ever encountered.

These people know they've got a good thing going on. Despite--perhaps because of--all the self-deprecating humor in the Jordan's commercials (the one about the Led Zeppelin tapes still cracks me up) these guys are like rock stars around here. When I went to--yes, I confess it--a free taping of Dr. Phil held at the Wang Theatre last year, Barry and Elliott came onstage first to talk about charitable giving. The ovation they received was barely less the one Phil himself received minutes later. What I said earlier about Harvard professors and Red Sox stars? You'd have to add B and E to that list.

Oh, and the furniture arrived on schedule (a little early, actually), delivered without complaint, in perfect shape. Overall, a most excellent Jordan's experience.


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