Monday, July 25, 2005

Krissy Likes Khushboo--and So Do I!

Krissy in Boston has lots of nice things to say about Khushboo, which is in the Lexington town center on Mass. Ave. Krissy says,
Since my friend, Elizabeth, is living in Lexington for the summer, I’m getting to experience some of the restaurants in downtown Lexington. Yesterday, I went to what I consider to be hands down one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve ever been to. Khushboo on 1709 Mass. Ave. is delicious.
Jim and I have been taking The Boy to Khushboo since it opened, a little less then four years ago (the restaurant's arrival paralleled our own). The Boy can't get enough of the mango lassis and the chicken tikka masala. I've been working the way through much of the menu, while Jim can usually be found ordering the sag paneer. Good service, good bread, good lassi.

Glad it's nearly time for dinner--I'm making myself hungry!


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