Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day Revisited: A Father Weighs In

My friend Michele (the amazing biker) and her sister Kris (the amazing knitter) have a dad, Bob, who loves being a dad. He also has a nice blog called Flying on 2, from which this post came:

As fathers we try to teach our babies how to be kids, and our kids how to be adults. We find tremendous enjoyment in who they are while at the same time pushing, prodding, and sometimes dragging them along through their various phases of development. We make many mistakes along the way, but our influence is nonetheless very strong. Often we think our children are deaf, as we say the same things over and over with no apparent effect. They really aren’t deaf, though. It just takes a few years for our words to finally sink in.
There's a lot more, including some wonderful stuff about teachers and their roles as father figures.

I've never met the man, but if he's half as cool as Michele, then he must be a heck of a father. I really loved this post. Check out "Father for a Lifetime" here.


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