Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Chicken Little Is Right at Home (and Really Cool) in Boston

This post from Adrants Daily, about a Boston-based "guerilla marketing firm" named Alt Terrain proves once again that you don't have to be in either NYC or LA to design marketing campaigns that are interesting and eye-catching.

The fact that the art in question is for the upcoming Disney movie Chicken Little either makes this ironic and po-mo--or just plain funny. (I mean, what?--is this aimed at the culture-savvy, sushi-eating 8 year old?) You decide. Either way, I got a kick out of it.


Blogger Mr. Liberty said...

That trailer was a HOOT!

I don't know if kids would enjoy it as much as grown ups. It looks like its got plenty of "tude.

Is Chicken little related to Tweety Bird? There was some resemblance.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

Hmmm...head out of proportion with the body, yellow feathers (even many baby chicks aren't yellow, just as most chickens aren't)... you may be onto something!

Also, Disney seems to be trying to capture a Warner Bros.-like combination of "sophisticated enough for the adults while still funny for the kids" vibe. I know I'll be there!

6:08 PM  

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