Saturday, June 04, 2005

Musings on Memorial

Is there any more beautiful drive in urban America than cruising past the Charles early on a sunny Saturday morning? East on Soldiers Field to Storrow, breakfast at Zaftig's (again--this time lox, eggs, and onions), then back home west on Memorial Drive. Rowers on the river, runners on the pathways, sailboats, trees in full leaf, dog walkers, book readers, strollers--both the baby kind and the leisurely walking kind.

I fell in love with this drive when we first moved here, and I always make a point of taking summer visitors there at least once during their stays. If you haven't driven either stretch of road in awhile, this is a great weekend to reacquaint yourself with this unique Boston/Cambridge pleasure. If you're not from around here, but plan to visit, make sure you take a few minutes out of your sojourn to enjoy it

Hint for out-of-towners: the Boston side--Soldiers Field Road and Storrow Drive--has fewer stoplights. But both drives are beautiful, especially early in the day before traffic starts to build. Also, the City of Cambridge closes most of Memorial Drive after 11 a.m. on summer Sundays to give bikers and walkers free rein. So plan accordingly. If biking is on your agenda, that's the place to go on Sundays.


Blogger David said...

You're right (of course). The drives along the Charles are the most beautiful.

And while Storrow has no traffic lights, Memorial does have the benefit of parking along a portion of it.

Instead of just driving along the river, I like to get out and picnic beside it. Nothin' better than doing the Globe's Sunday crossword puzzle by the river with a loved one and a picnic from Savenor's (at the start of Charles St)

10:05 AM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

"You're right (of course)"--LOL! Don't we all love to be right!

I think, rather than debate the merits of the Storrow vs. Memorial sides of the Charles, we should all get out there and do a hands-on test. Nothing like gathering a little empirical evidence, especially on a lazy summer morning.

11:47 AM  
Blogger David said...

I was just writing that Mem Drive was one of the things I was going to miss from here.

I liked walking on it and driving on it (occaisonally). Never got into the whole picnic thing that the other David did. On the other hand, a walk to the river from our place in the evening frequently included a stop at Toscannini's. Now _that_ I will really miss.

8:18 PM  

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