Sunday, May 29, 2005

Thanks, Halley!

Halley says very nice things about me here and here on her blog. I wanted to thank her on her site, but once again her comments section is a little off-kilter. You may have heard of her before, because she's one of the original, early bloggers (quoted in Newsweek, for frak's sake!). In fact, I'd have to call her the earliest of bloggers, because of her amazing ability to get movin' before 5 a.m. every day!

She also told me how to add a site meter to my blog. Right now, because I just added the feature--which means it's counting from zero today--it has a pitifully small number of page views recorded. Don't look, really. It's a little embarrassing. Really.

Hey, stop that--I said, don't look! I'll let you know when it's safe.


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