Friday, May 20, 2005

Vote This Man into the Hall of Fame!

Though in no way a superstitious person--far from it--my husband has started believing that he's some kind of professional sports good-luck charm.

Here's the evidence: When he was a teenager in Pittsburgh during the 70s, the Steelers were unstoppable. When we lived in the Washington DC area during the 80s, it was the era of Joe Gibbs' original Redskins dominance. Move to Texas for awhile--can't stop the Cowboys. (Ironically, although he really doesn't follow football much anymore, his parents had season tickets to the Steelers for decades, so he's able to explain the finer intracacies of the game very eloquently. Which I make him do, of course.)

No sooner do we move to New England, then--you guessed it--the Patriots get started on that whole "dynasty" thing. And you all know what happened last October with the Sox. Obviously, the team just needed my guy to move to town. The fact that the World Series win took nearly three years after that to occur is obvious: The charm was originally designed for football, and it took a little while to catch on that another team needed him, too.

This is the first time in my life I've lived in a town with a major league baseball team, and I'm glad that we were able to help the Sox secure the win last season. So all you Sox fans, if you ever get the chance to meet my husband, be sure to thank him.

And Larry Lucchino, if you're reading this: we'd be happy with some tickets, a voucher for a few Fenway Franks, and of course--most precious of all--discount parking.


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