Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Midnight in Cambridge

Last year, at midnight on May 17, people of good will who just happened to be of the same sex started getting married in Massachusetts.

My husband, son, and I went down to the Cambridge City Hall to celebrate. (We even found free, on-street parking--a miracle! Clearly something important was happening!) The crowds were large, the feeling of joy nearly tangible. We brought flowers to give away to some happy couple--any happy couple--but so many others had the same idea that we practically had to beg someone to take them. All the couples waiting to get married had their arms filled with bouquets, mostly from strangers like us. Strangers of the "friends you just haven't met yet" variety.

I've been married nearly 21 years. Like most long-term relationships, there have been perfect times and imperfect ones. No doubt not all of the couples who married last May 17 or in the months since will last for 21 years. But some of them already had lasted 21 years--they just needed a change in the law to call it a legal marriage. Thanks to all you "friends I haven't met yet" for helping to make this a happy anniversary for so many people.


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