Saturday, June 11, 2005

My Two Davids

I have two Davids who regularly post comments on my blog. Because this is still a pretty new site, this means they're both among a select group who get extra coupons and 15% off their next posts for being charter commenters.

I don't know either David personally, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I would like them both a lot.

The first one, David from Katie's Papa, I introduced to readers a few weeks ago. He's a Boston area guy (and dad!) who has some interesting insights into photography and the visual arts. Check him out if you want a new or updated perspective on the visual riches to be found in New England and elsewhere.

My "other" David is a newer find, a man who's putting his money (and moving boxes) where his mouth is. Fed up with our current government and what he sees as the increasing incivility of American life he's leaving the area--Cambridge to be exact--and heading to Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife to start a new life. His blog, David D's Loud Murmurs, explains it all better than I can.

His post, "The Piano Has Left the Building/What I Will and Won't Miss" has a fine summation of much of what's good and not-so-good about living in the Boston area (plus a very kind nod to me--I've been commenting there myself for the last few weeks), but I recommend you read his earlier posts as well. He's doing something a lot of us must have at least fleetingly considered over the last few years. I'm still enamored of the American ideal myself, but I give him much credit for having the guts to stick to his convictions. Plus, I love Canada. Good choice for a new home. I look forward to reading about his new life and invite you to join me.


Blogger David said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Like David D., I find the current regime unacceptable (to put it mildly). Unlike him however, I am not ready to give up the fight.

...but to be fair, I have not been directly hurt (much) by Bush and his Gang (other than economically). If I had a son approaching the age of 18, however, I think I'd be ahead of David D. in line at the Canadian border. Or, if my daughter was an adult and wanted to marry another woman, I'd be right there with him (She actually does want to marry her best friend Francesca, but as she is only 5, I'll stick around and continue to fight for equal marriage rights for a few more years).

Perhaps I'm just being naive, but I'm hoping that since Bush won't be a candidate next time around (George W., anyway) maybe the country will snap out of it and vote in someone with an IQ above a pretzel.

Even in the past few weeks I've felt significant changes in how the public perceives GWB and his actions.

If I'm wrong though it may not be long before my family follows David D's lead. ...but I think we'd head South rather than North(west). The Caribbean would be more our speed.

Good luck with your move, David D. I hope it's many years before the U.S. gets around to invading Canada.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Mr. Liberty said...

South may not be a good idea David.

The deeper you go into redsouth, the stupider you get.

Once I drove through Arkansas, and I'm just glad I didn't have any relatives with me!


5:00 PM  

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