Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Kind Cops on Patrol

My doctor's office is at MGH, so for today's checkup I had to exit Storrow Drive and get past the construction site that will one day be a handicap-accessible T stop for the hospital. (Admit it: it's kind of funny--in a sick way--that the T stop for Mass General is so totally, totally non-accessible. Yup, just watch those people in casts and wheelchairs navigate the twisting steps!)

Anyway, I tried to get over to the left lane to make the turn into the hospital. Didn't quite make it through on the green light at the multi-way corner that's practically underneath the construction zone. And unfortunately, I ended up stopped over a pedestrian crosswalk. So imagine my concern when a young traffic cop started walking over to my car. I rolled down my window, expecting a "why'd you stop in a walkway?" lecture. (People can be so grumpy this time of year!)

"Which way are you going?," Nice Young Traffic Cop asked.

"To the hospital--I didn't quite make it into the left lane," I said.

"No, no--you're okay. Stay here and just drive across the intersection when I give the signal."

"But I'm blocking a crosswalk," I said.

"Don't worry, people have plenty of places to walk--you're fine," said NYTC. "Just wait for my signal."

I thanked NYTC and waved. He smiled.

When I crossed the intersection, there was so much of a backup that I still didn't make it into the left lane for my turn. This time ANOTHER cop told me that two lanes were turning left at this time (I think that's only during the construction period--don't expect this to be permanent).

Given that I always feel a bit like I'm taking my life in my hands driving through this particular piece of roadway, it was nice to know that Boston's Finest were looking after me. And the MBTA is making the T stop handicap accessible. And I found a parking space at the hospital garage quickly.

In the spirit of the holiday--it's all good.

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