Sunday, October 22, 2006

Not That It Will Help, But...

I've become addicted to the first season of Everwood, now in reruns on ABC Family every evening. I started watching it during season 2 and stuck with it to the end, but saw only one or two eps from the first year. So now I TiVo the reruns (they're about halfway through that first season) and binge on mini-marathons on the weekends. Because TiVo gives you listings for about 12 days into the future, I've already noticed that season two will be here before I know it. (That's the one where we found out if Colin lived or died following his second brain surgery. Guess you had to be there.) Like many late, lamented shows pulled before their time (Angel springs to mind), there was still a lot of life left in that Colorado town.

This was s truly wonderful drama, yanked at least a year or more before its time--a WB show that fell victim of the creation of "The CW." Wonderful acting and writing, characters you could pull for, people who looked like people, not models (okay, the teens looked like models, but the adults just looked like...adults). The only thing good about its early cancellation is that the producers were given a heads-up in advance and were able to produce a wrap-up episode. I dare you not to cry, but it least there are no cliffhangers at the end.

So, if you didn't see it before, now's your chance. With four wonderful years to catch up on, that's about 88 shows. You could wait till they start with season 1 again in a couple of months, or join in now. Email me if you need an on-the-spot plot update.


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