Sunday, October 01, 2006

MixFest: BNL, Two Thumbs Up! But Please Hold the Meat Loaf

Some random thoughts from last night's MixFest 98.5:

1) No musical act in its right mind (can an act have a mind?) should have to follow the Barenaked Ladies. Despite the shortened set to fit the festival, multi-act format, they rocked the house as always. I'm not sure how these guys can bear to sing "If I Had a Million Dollars" for the zillionth time yet never show a hint of boredom. (Maybe it's the obvious affection the audience gives back.) And props to BNL for stepping in at the last minute as a partial replacement (despite an already scheduled Nov. 1 gig here) for headliner Keane, which had to drop out when the lead singer went into rehab. BNL--Boston loves you and always will.

2) Unfortunately, the act that followed BNL was the other Keane-replacement act, Meat Loaf. Those of you present will remember and cringe. Those of you not there--keep your teenage memories of "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" intact and NEVER, NEVER see Meat Loaf in concert. And I don't say this just because he followed BNL.

3) Other acts were good, especially KT Tunstall (it's always cool to see a chick wielding the guitar, and she can really play, which is a bonus). James Blunt was also in fine form, although his songs are on the whole major downers. During the BNL show, lead singers Steven Page and Ed Robertson sang an impromptu rap/call-and-response piece that included a reference to how much Steven liked Blunt's song "Beautiful"--the first 65 times he heard it. Point taken.

4) Nice arena, Agganis. Even the floor seats were comfortable (upholstered, not just metal). First time there--I'll have to go back. Also, the ushers were very helpful and none of them seemed to be parolees.

5) To the couple in front of me: Sir, your girlfriend clearly didn't like you pawing her in full-on "get a room" mode in public. Didn't pulling away from you repeatedly while looking around at the rest of us with an embarrassed look on her face give you a clue? You've got issues, man. Discuss.


Anonymous Janet said...

sounds like a great show, minus the Meatloaf. I did see him a couple of years ago on a tv show, and I thought he looked quite uncomfortable bending double to get those notes out!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

Well, I knew we were in trouble when he was sweating by the time he walked onto the stage. Usually it takes a couple minutes for that. :-)

Plus, the leering at his female vocalists was kind of creepy, though the vocalists themselves were clearly very talented in ways other than just their looks!

12:29 PM  

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