Monday, August 14, 2006

I've Got a Loverly Bag of Chocolates (Or--For God's Sake, Get to Burlington NOW!)

Run, walk, drive, bike, whatever to the Lindt Chocolate store at Burlington Square on Middlesex Turnpike (not, repeat NOT the store in Burlington Mall--the store near Eastern Mountain Sports and Finagle a Bagel). It's Lindt Factory Clearance time, which is a heck of a lot tastier than, say, Toyota Factory Clearance time. This is an unadvertised special (according to the store manager), so unless you drove past the store and saw the signs in the window, you wouldn't know that there were some great prices on one of life's cure-alls just waiting for you.

I'm talking all manner of Lindt bars for discounts as low as a dollar each (if you buy 12, but with all the variety, you'll be surprised how fast you can amass 12 bars); boxes of white chocolate-coconut miniatures (today's featured item--200 minis for $3.95!); small bags of truffles for 75 cents each (outrageous discounts on quantity purchases, but even I couldn't quite justify buying a dozen bags), and boxes of praline minis for $4.00 each. (The back of the store has all the newer, regularly priced merch.)

Though some of the bars will be accompanying me on our upcoming camping trip (and some will stay behind for baking), most of the hoard is just hanging out in my office, waiting for distribution.

My office runs on chocolate. Say what you like about paychecks and pats on the back, it's candy (okay, sweet goodies of all kind) that keeps my colleagues coming to work. (I can't really blame them--it's one of the reasons I'm here.) Already I have renewed the love and affection of many of my coworkers. It's amazing what sprinkling some dark chocolate truffles around will do.

It's a chocolate sale, people--what more do I have to say?

P.S. This particular store is NOT closing. I asked (what with the factory clearance and all), but the manager said that not only is the Burlington Square store NOT closing, she wishes the Burlington Mall employees would stop telling customers that it is. (That's where I'd heard the rumor myself.) Most unsettling for her employees, she says. As you can imagine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Alison.

I work in the store in question, and I heard about your blog entry through a man who read it on Universal Hub, then came in to shop. Thanks so much for giving us the boost. We hope you had a good time and will come back and shop again.


11:58 PM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

Tammy, when it comes to good chocolate, I will definitely be back. BTW, I've been handing goodies out at work and suddenly my popularity has SOARED. :-)

5:33 PM  

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