Friday, August 11, 2006

Lovely Logan--Can't Wait!

My husband just got back from Seattle this morning (he took an overnight flight via San Francisco). Although it took him a "mere" 90 minutes to get through security (not counting the 5 minutes to check his bag and the 5 minutes to walk to the gate), he said that some security lines at SeaTac stretched on for 5 HOURS.

This doesn't exactly make me look forward to taking my folks to Logan tomorrow afternoon. We have to be there a minimum of three hours in advance, and both of them need wheelchair assistance, which I was told isn't available until they actually check in. I was assured that the wheelchair assistant would wait with them all the way through security, however. Let's just hope the airline keeps up its end of that bargain.

Suddenly, my stepdad's idea of flying non-stop to Logan (rather than a one-stop trip that arrives at the drive-straight-up-Rt.3-then-park-out-front-and-go-help-your-parents Manchester Airport, always my preference) isn't sounding like very much fun.

Sigh. If you need me tomorrow, I'll be at Logan. For hours.


Blogger clipper829 said...

'Tis true about Sea-Tac. My husband and I just got back from Seattle last week and the lines were absolutely ridiculous. Just awful. We had to wait well over 2 hours for our luggage at Sea-Tac, too, because they didn't have enough baggage handlers to offload the arriving planes.

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