Thursday, December 28, 2006

How's Your Holiday Going?

Mine has been pretty nice, even if we're a little disappointed about the lack of cold weather for snow making on the slopes. On the plus side: no sidewalks to shovel!

Also, my husband's Xmas present finally arrived (only a couple of days late)--a new induction burner for the kitchen. We don't have gas running to the house, so induction is the next best thing in terms of heat control. This might as well have been a present for me: Anything that encourages my husband--the best home cook I know--to cook more (easier now that he's finished with grad school) makes me feel pretty jolly.

How's it going for you this week? Appreciating the snow-free walks? Glad it's almost New Year's? Enjoying a little time off work? Counting your blessings?

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