Thursday, May 17, 2007

We Get It--She Loves You!

Tonight, as my son and I shared our traditional "Dad's out of town, so let's go to Dabin" dinner in Lexington, the man behind us used his cell phone. I have been guilty of that myself on rare occasions (though in my defense I usually walk outside to the sidewalk to talk). But this guy put his phone ON SPEAKER MODE.

I got to hear how he was out with a friend, having a good time, he missed his wife--the usual side of the conversation. But thanks to the wonders of the speaker phone, we got to hear how much his wife loves him, how he should have a good time but not TOO good a time, etc. I couldn't tell if he was showing off for his dinner companion or the rest of us--maybe some of each.

I was impressed all right. I get it, buddy--you're a stud. Your wife loves you. We all heard it. Now put that thing away--we're tryin' ta eat here!


Anonymous Susan Getgood said...

Bad cell phone behavior -- yuck. Going out for Japanese -- esp Sushi -- when Dad's away, priceless. My son and I do the same!!

6:12 PM  
Blogger karrie said...


I'm adding Dabin's to my list of places to try--but I'm bringing an iPod just in case. :)

5:20 AM  

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