Friday, May 11, 2007

Least SFNE TV Show Ever Renewed!

The little show that could, Friday Night Lights, has been renewed by NBC, despite less-than-stellar ratings. Yay! Being the most critically acclaimed show of the year probably helped.

If you heard about this show but were fearful of getting attached to it, only to see it disappear, now's your chance. NBC has all the episodes online (and presumably there will be DVD set soon).

Fair warning, though: ONLY watch if you like shows with compelling characters, outstanding acting, and excellent writing. Plus, if you've ever lived out West (Texas in particular), you will nod your head in recognition during many scenes. And if you've never lived out West, but have ever been a teenager, parent, spouse, athlete, class geek, person struggling with a disability, caregiver, or car dealer, you'll nod your head in recognition during many scenes. Remember--I warned you.

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