Thursday, May 17, 2007

Three Years and Counting--and Yet the Sky Still Stands

It's been three years since Bay Staters were granted equal marriage rights. That's three years of ... not much changing, except that the lives of some of our state's citizens were brought up to legal par with their fellow citizens.

I wrote about the first year anniversary of this momentous event back in 2005. What I wrote still stands (although now I'm approaching my 23rd year of marriage).

In fact, it turns out that in states where they allow civil unions, same-sex couples are starting to hold out for the Big M--Marriage. According to the New York Times, separate but not-quite-equal just doesn't cut it:
Charles Paragian, a dance instructor in Little Ferry who with his partner of 17 years adopted five children from foster care, called the civil union “bread crumbs” compared with same-sex marriage.

“I don’t want my children to learn to settle for anything,” said Mr. Paragian, 44. “It’s a Jim Crow law, it’s two separate water fountains, it’s not equal, we just don’t agree with it.”

Massachusetts is leading the way, so let's keep up the good work. Because when you take away civil rights--that's when the sky just might fall after all.


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