Friday, January 20, 2006

Local Boy Makes Good

He may not yet have the proven longevity of Bruce Springsteen, but it's still pretty amazing that Bode Miller pulled off a rock-star-like double-header, making the covers of both Newsweek and Time this week. I just read both articles (yes, I'm a magazine junkie and subscribe to two newsmagazines); they're both worthwhile in their own ways.

Each story has pretty much the same message, though: Franconia, New Hampshire's, Bode is unique, amazingly talented, and not too good at playing politics in the world of big-time sports, especially when appearing on 60 Minutes. I've seen the new Bode documentary, Flying Downhill, and man, has he overcome a few obstacles. If it were me, I'd have probably ended up dead in a ditch somewhere instead of looking at scoring four gold medals in Torino next month. You go, Bode--show 'em all!


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