Monday, January 16, 2006

Sometimes I'm Not the Silliest One in the Family

Although I occasionally go by the nickname "Silly Mom," today the silliness handle is awarded to my husband. Jim decided to go to Pat's Peak at 6:30 this morning to ski in the 7 degree weather. I'm sure he'll come back saying he had a great time, while The Boy and I were snug in our warm beds.

But if he has fun in the arctic air, more power to him. I had my fun yesterday--beat a bunch of teenage boys at laser tag --again. On the second game, I came in third out of 34, most of whom were kids between 14 and 18--real competition. One of those nice boys took me out with a shot and then apologized. I laughed, said, "No, no--don't apologize! I don't." At which point my five-second penalty was over and I took him out.

I'm not sure what this says about me as a person, but I've decided to focus on the fun (and aerobic) aspects and not look any deeper into my soul. Any place where taking a hit is usually followed by laughter or nothing worse than "Dang! You got me!" is okay by me.


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