Monday, December 26, 2005

What to Do on an SFNE Rainy Post-Xmas Day?

Drive to Maine, of course. Couldn't ski--too warm and wet. Couldn't take a walk--just too wet. Didn't feel like just hanging around the house.

We intended to drive to Freeport, then said, "What the hell?" and went all the way to Waldoboro, home of Moody's Diner, a fine place for pie. (It's about 3 hours from Lexington.) I chose the four-berry version. Also (before the pie) the diner's unbeatable three-bean salad (accompanying my Yankee Pot Roast). I really must learn how to make the three-bean. It's the best version you'll ever have, if you're ever in a three-bean kind of mood. They also make an el-primo lobster stew--the authentic kind with milk (not cream), butter, and lots of lobster. Heaven in a bowl for about $8.95. I stole several spoonfuls from Jim, even snagging a few choice morsels of lobster while he wasn't watching.

On the way back, we did indeed stop at Freeport. It was still raining, so all we had the gumption for was both L.L. Bean stores (the retail and the factory). New ski pants for me (on deep dark discount--yay!), a chamois shirt for Jim, and a fleece jacket for The Boy. If you're ever in the mood to shop after Christmas at L.L., just don't make the mistake I did when buying The Boy's jacket and get into a line that takes returns as well as makes sales. Yeesh. I finally cut out of that line after barely moving for 15 minutes, then found a sales-only-no-returns-or-we-wrestle-you-to-the-ground line and finished in about 5.

The real upside of the whole day--even better than pie, three-bean, stew, or discount ski pants--was getting plenty of talk-time with my husband and my son. I don't know if that's technically SFNE, but I like it no matter what it is.


Blogger Tish G. said...

I felt absolutely cheated out of the whole White Christmas thing because of all the rain. Hey, if I'm stuck out here in The Middle of Nowhere, I want *snow* for Christmas! And it looks like New Year's going to be a wet one too. oh, well...good to hear you got a great buy at L.L. though. That truly is an amazing place, isn't it?

8:55 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

I finally got to Moody's last month on the way home from Acadia National Park. What a great place that is! Other than the Chelsea Royal Diner in West Brattleboro, VT, I can't think of another diner I'd rather be at. The Salisbury steak was excellent, the onion rings were outstanding, and the mashed potatoes were perfect. I just wish it were closer to Boston...

10:09 AM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

The Maine Diner in Wells is pretty good--excellent lobster casserole. And that's way closer. But somehow it just doesn't do it for me the way Moody's does. Could be the lack of a proper three-bean salad...

7:26 AM  

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