Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My Sign is on Showtime--I'm Somebody!

This week, the Showtime channel is airing a documentary about the Massachusetts' gay marriage debate called Same Sex America. It's really good--check it out. (And what timing! Way to go Canada!)

But what's really cool in a "this is my world and you just live in it" kind of way is that a few minutes into the movie--during the footage shot outside last year's Constitutional Convention--you can see one of the pro-gay-marriage signs I made for my husband to take down there! It's particularly visible in an early scene when one of the anti-gay protesters is screaming at the pro-gay-marriage people (AKA "The Good Guys") along the fence in front of the State House.

Jim (AKA "BSG," AKA "Big Straight Guy" among the MassEquality folks*) actually got into the State House all three days of the Con-Con (this meant leaving the house by 6 a.m. to be in line early--dedicated!). But in order to go inside, you have to leave your signs outdoors. So he'd hand off the sign to someone who would carry it during the day in front of the cameras. Such charisma for a piece of foamcore: My signs have been seen on CNN and other news media, and now it's in a movie!

Interestingly, each night Jim would come out and find the sign propped against the fence, awaiting his return. He'd just carry it home and bring it back the next day to shine once more.

I'm waiting for the call from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce about giving the sign a star on the Walk of Fame.

*Okay. I made that up. The folks at MassEquality just call him Jim. But it amuses me to say that.


Blogger David said...

Congrats on your Showtime appearances!

...but more importantly, thanks for the work you and your BSG did at the Constitutional Convention.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

Believe me, BSG is da man! Not only did he attend all three days of the Con-Con, he even lost his voice in the process, singing about 2000 choruses of "We Shall Not Be Moved." (And this is NOT a musical man we're talking about. He is laughably rhythm-challenged, actually.)

He also created the "give a vote, get the candy" scheme, whereby he (and usually our son, sometimes me, and once my mom--walking cane and all) delivered bags of candy with thank you notes to legislators who voted in favor of full marital rights. (I mainly wrote the thank you notes--he did the heavy lifting).

I'm a lucky woman to be married to someone (for 21 years!) who thinks the privilege and rights of marriage should be extended to everyone. Hooray, BSG!

Thanks for the good word!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Mr. Liberty said...

I wonder if your sign would make it on "Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon"?

Youe Mom told me how she and H. were with you that day to petition for fairness for gays.

Right on!

4:32 PM  

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