Thursday, June 29, 2006

Small World--A Little MetroWest in Canada

Much has happened since arriving home from Vancouver. Fifth-grade class play and chorus concert. Fifth-grade graduation. Week-long visit from old friends from Texas (who now live in Maryland). We made lobsters for them, because no one cooks up a lobster like my hubby, thanks to guidance from a friendly local.

Speaking of Canada: Vancouver was an all-around great experience, but showed once again how the world is shrinking, in a kind of amazing way.

I was talking to someone at an exhibitor's booth who lives in San Francisco. She noticed I was from the Boston area (on my name tag) and said, "Oh, I'm originally from Andover!" When I told her I now live in Lexington, she said, "Oh, I have a good friend in Lexington!"

I'm thinking, yeah, right--what are the odds?

Apparently, the odds are excellent.

The person she knows is none other than the awesome Ellen from Commuterrant. With whom I had set up a coffee date/let's meet upon my return.

Said coffee date was wonderful, by the way--Ellen is as charming, funny, and thoughtful in person as she is on her blog.

Sometimes coincidences are creepy, sometimes startling, other times just plain cool. This one worked out really well; I call it cool.


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