Monday, May 29, 2006

My Husband's Mottos

My husband doesn't so much live with numerous mottos, as I do, but he has a couple. His number one belief for a life of bliss: "Happy is the man who doesn't have a transmission guy."

We used to own a Dodge Ram Van. We had a transmission guy. I think you get the picture.

Now he's adding a new one: "Happy is the man who does have a lawn guy." This one came about after we finally decided that with Jim in graduate school and working AND a bad back (his) AND a broken mower, we'd go ahead and hire someone to mow the lawn a couple of times a month. Not a landscape architect or a full-scale lawn service, no fertilizing, no hedge-clipping--just lawn mowing. I found a really nice guy from Athol who works the western suburbs circuit to come by twice a month for a reasonable fee. And now my lawn (after waiting for the never-ceasing rain to cease, which caused much growth but made it impossible to mow) is trimmed.

Happy is the man, indeed. And his wife, too.


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