Wednesday, December 14, 2005

As Predicted

As I sort of guessed would happen, the Superintendent of Schools for Lexington sent out a mea culpa explaining why he kept schools open the day of the Friday snowstorm. In fairness to the man (who also happens to be new on the job), he had to make a judgment call before the snow even started falling. As he noted, his colleagues inside 128 stayed open (including Boston, Arlington, Cambridge, etc.), while the outside-128 districts closed. And then, instead of 6 inches as forecast, we got 14--with whiteout conditions. I imagine this whole thing will make him a bit gun-shy in the future, but given the cards he was dealt, I'm not sure I'd have made the call differently.

Like Adam of Universal Hub fame, my son's bus was more than an hour late arriving home. The middle school buses got off to a delayed start, beginning a chain reaction. Hence the lateness.

On the other hand, The Boy got to hang with his friends for a while longer, so it wasn't a complete loss.


Blogger David said...

We received a similar letter from our superintendent in Arlington. Wonder if all the towns' Supers got together to compose them. Here is ours.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Alison Rose said...

Similar, but not the same. But I wouldn't be surprised if they did collaborate in some way, because the "beats" were nearly identical: sorry it happened, bad weather forecast, had to make a call based on inadequate info, thanks to all the teachers, DPS workers, etc. who pitched in.

Do you think they have a Superintendent's resource center with a "sorry for the snowy day screwup" template?

10:30 AM  

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